Monday, January 4, 2010


So I got bored with the idea of making a Rose costume -- I may still do it, but having finished the Halloween costume I realized how remarkably simple it is, so I can figure that out any ol' time.

I realized how badly I want to do Ashlotte from Soul Calibur IV, so now I've decided to start working on that because I really am a huge dork who likes to randomly switch projects. Problem? Figuring out how to make the metal dress. The cage, the arm things, I have some ideas in progress for that. It's that damn dress. I certainly can't make it out of metal -- not that I wouldn't like to, I just wouldn't be able to get ahold of the equipment. Oh, and the skill.

The character: internet at my parents' house sucks so it's just not going to happen. If I remember to, I will come back and put up her picture. If you don't know who she is, she's a special character in Soul Calibur and easily googleable.

Stay tuned for sketches and thoughts. I'll try to keep a running list of what happens, since I've already realized no one else has a nice tutorial (at least that I can find...) and it's frickin' impossible to find a photograph of her from the back so I'll have to try to convince one of my friends who owns the game to let me play it.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Totally forgot to update this.

I finished the dress in time for Halloween (while jamming to Repo! The Genetic Opera), the problem was that where I went was way too small and crowded for me to wear my hoops, so all of my pictures are hoop-less.

But all the same.

The final product:
That's my friend Christopher, whom I went to hang out with for Halloween, on the phone with his friend. He is, in fact, wearing a Mal costume from Firefly. I found this thrilling.

Eventually I'll try to get a photo out in my yard with my full gown and hoopskirt on, the skirt should go out about two/three more feet more than it does. I went to Cabellas in that gown, it cracked me up.

So there's my "practice gown" -- I'm pretty pleased, it was remarkably easy to make (especially with my dress form).