Sunday, September 20, 2009

More Underpinnings

Today was productive! I've been so in the mood to create!

Screw organizing the photos. They're up there in a jumble.

Somewhere you will see a set of fabric - the striped kilty stuff is what I'm using for the mockup gown (also known as my halloween costume).

The pants thingies are my Pantalettes. I kinda...screwed up the pattern since I didn't understand it and just kinda made some crap up and ended up with some pantslike things. xDDD They're more like bloomers or pantaloons but ... they work. What they should be is two legs that tie up around a waistband but I end my accuracy at things that expose the nethers. I'm really pleased with the delicate decorating.

I also made Petticoat two. It didn't turn out as well because I was frankly tired of ruffling so I tried a ruffle and it made it too small, so I cut the damn thing in half, finished the two sides, and made a bustle. xDDD

And then I tossed the fabric overtop the rest of the mess to see how it looked. I love the fabric. Yay Scottish flair. It's...not accurate. But screw it.

So there we go. My underpinnings are almost done. Once I get the chemise finished I'm set to go. Then I can start cringing while I work on the gown. xDD