Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This is what happens when you create a cosplay in two days.
It turned out...decently. I used the acrylic ink and rubbing alcohol method to dye the wig -- had I had more time I would have loved to ...y'know, get the right colour, and style it. But I didn't. There were a ton of issues with this costume that really built up on me but I see some things I'd like to keep and some I'd like to reaaaally get rid of.

Favourite part of the costume: that little vial in my hand. It was dyed water and then I added pieces of dried ice and it bubbled and steamed and was downright suh-weet. It really looked all supersciency. Unfortunately the dried ice kinda didn't last too long so I had to keep refilling it and that got frustrating.

Favourite part of Wasabi Animeland Con: Well, there were some really nice things in the Dealer room (SLAYERS STUFF REALLY?!) and the music videos were pretty cool (my favourite was the Big O one... really there were too many "hah let's make a joke about SEX" videos).

I also made a Tenchi shirt for my boyfriend. I think his shirt turned out beautifully. The only issue with it was that I accidentally grabbed a pattern a size too small and it a size too small.

I eyeballed the entire Washu costume, no patterns. Which is part of why it turned out so badly. I love the purple skirt, though. I was supremely pleased with that.