Friday, September 10, 2010

Dragon*con 2010

I have to write a blog post for my armor since I happen to think it was pretty cool. I was challenged by Mrs. Volpin Props to make all of my armor out of hot glue -- and I did. All of the golden armor and the blue and red jewels are hot glue cast.

I only have time to briefly say Dragon*con was super awesome, and here I am running around the con in costume.

Princess Zelda 100% completed and donned. This was actually the first time I put the whole costume on at the same time. The angle is dorky but when I switched it to upright it looked ridiculous so I like the funky tilt. I'll have some great pro shots from Bryan Humphrey and Eurobeat King up later.

Sophitia Alexandra, completed and donned -- and hanging out with my "sister" Cassandra whose costume puts mine to shame...but she (and her husband, Volpin) spent much more time on it than I did so nyah. Ironically it wasn't until last night that I realized I'd completely forgotten to tie the shoulder thing on the left side. I put it on the right side. Minor detail to the world but I'm kicking myself. Especially since there are photos on the 'net of me wearing this costume and some of them are from behind. GRRRR IMPERFECTION.

So there we have it, my two projects for 2010. I've officially decided to make Ashlotte for next year, and if she ends up being the only costume I make I think I can live with it. I want perfection -- and I ended up switching back and forth between Sophitia and Zelda like mad anyway. Might be easier to just have one epic costume over two semi-epic costumes.